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A podcast of politics and culture, from the editors of Current Affairs magazine.

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    UNLOCKED: Astra Taylor on her radically democratic life

    UNLOCKED FROM THE BIRD FEED: Current Affairs host Pete Davis sits down with filmmaker, writer and activist Astra Taylor. Check out Astra's three films — Zizek!, Examined Life, and What is Democracy? See her writing in The Nation and in her upcoming book, Democracy May Not Exist, But We'll Miss It When It's Gone.

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    #20: Voicemailbag IV

    Every fifth episode, we like to open up the phone lines and take callers. Join us as we answer questions about: science, Beto, doctors, reverse racism and Douglas Adams!

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    The Current Affairs Live Show

    We present the audio recording of the first-ever Current Affairs: Live! Join the entire Current Affairs team — and guests Ian Madrigal, Saikat Chakrabarti and Lee Carter — as they delight, confuse, and singalong with the Washington, DC crowd last week.

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    UNLOCKED: Welcome to The Neighborhood

    UNLOCKED FROM THE BIRD FEED: Current Affairs host Pete Davis and editor-in-chief Nathan J. Robinson discuss the visionary auteur, child development crusader, and moral voice Mister Rogers.

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    UNLOCKED: "The West" and Other Myths with Daniel Walden

    UNLOCKED FROM THE BIRD FEED: Amusements editor Lyta Gold and senior editor Brianna Rennix discuss myths with Classics scholar Daniel Walden, who recently wrote in the magazine about how the whole concept of “Western civilization" is a myth. Tune in to learn about why the myth of dragons may be a lefty one, why Jordan Peterson is confused about myths, what an anti-pope is, what myths can teach us about national origin stories, the purpose of trickster gods, and more.

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    UNLOCKED: Room 101 (or: CA Gripefest I)

    UNLOCKED FROM THE BIRD FEED: BBC radio used to have a show, Room 101, in which celebrities came on and discussed their pet gripes, trying to convince the host to consign the object of their gripes to the titular Room 101... the punishment room from George Orwell’s 1984. In this episode, legal editor Oren Nimni and editor in chief Nathan J. Robinson recreate the show, sharing their loathing for a famous lawyer, a classic book, a gummy bear brand, a social media platform, a famous Leftist, a genre of movies, a major city, a mode of transportation and... garnishes.

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