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A podcast of politics and culture, from the editors of Current Affairs magazine.

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    UNLOCKED: Room 101 (or: CA Gripefest I)

    UNLOCKED FROM THE BIRD FEED: BBC radio used to have a show, Room 101, in which celebrities came on and discussed their pet gripes, trying to convince the host to consign the object of their gripes to the titular Room 101... the punishment room from George Orwell’s 1984. In this episode, legal editor Oren Nimni and editor in chief Nathan J. Robinson recreate the show, sharing their loathing for a famous lawyer, a classic book, a gummy bear brand, a social media platform, a famous Leftist, a genre of movies, a major city, a mode of transportation and... garnishes.

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    UNLOCKED: Vaughn Stewart on transforming from a poster into a politician

    UNLOCKED FROM THE BIRD FEED: Maryland Delegate Vaughn Stewart was once a normal "very online" progressive poster like the rest of us. But after a health scare, he decided to move from ideas into action, running for — and, with the help of the Metro DC DSA, winning! — a seat in the Maryland House of Delegates. Current Affairs host Pete Davis sits down with him to talk about running for office with DSA's endorsement, finding policy ideas through twitter, how corporate lobbyists woo delegates, and pushing innovative housing policy.

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    #18: The Dog Days Aren't Over (ft. Glenn Greenwald)

    Current Affairs editor-in-chief Nathan J. Robinson is joined for the whole episode by The Intercept's Glenn Greenwald to talk animal welfare, public censorship, and how to keep track of 26 dogs.

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    #17: The Green Big Deal

    The Current Affairs panel learns about the Green New Deal, discusses the American loneliness epidemic, and share what we think is the worst example of American political amnesia.

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    #16: 2020 Visions

    The Current Affairs panel discusses how they are approaching the 2020 Presidential campaign, we decide whether money is speech, and we all share what we think is the most important lesson that the left can learn from the right.

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    #15: The Voicemailbag III

    The Current Affairs panel opens up the phone lines, answering listener questions on postmodernism, growth, effective altruism, religion, New Orleans and jokes.

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    #14: Fascism Schmascism

    The Current Affairs panel discusses the politics of tragedy, we attempt to define fascism, and we all share something that gives us hope in the 2018 elections.

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    UNLOCKED: Jesse Eisinger on corporate crime fighting

    UNLOCKED from the bird feed to the main feed: Current Affairs host Pete Davis invites Jesse Eisinger — Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist with ProPublica and author of The Chickenshit Club: Why the Justice Department Fails to Prosecute Executives — to the Current Affairs World Headquarters to enlighten us on the topic of corporate crime, feckless white collar prosecutors, and why we should care about the underfunding of the IRS.

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